Paper One

This is the one on the Three Levels of Analysis.  You get two hours to do it.

Section A
• This section consists of three short-answer questions, one question on each
of the Levels of Analysis. Students must answer all three questions.
• Each question is worth 8 marks.
• The maximum mark for this section is 24.
Section B
• This section consists of three extended-response questions, which may be structured or essay questions. Students must answer one question.
• Theoretical and empirical support is required in all answers.
• Each question may relate to more than one Level of Analysis. Some questions may ask for a student’s knowledge of one Level of Analysis. Other questions may require comparative analysis of selected topics or sub-topics, from two or all three of the Levels of Analysis.
• Each question is worth 20 marks.

Paper Two

This paper is on the Optional Topics.   
There three questions from each topic area, don't bother reading any question other than the topics that we have studied, it will just waste your time.

You need two write two long essays, one from each of two different options.  You can not write two essays from the same option.

These two long essays are graded the same as all of the long essays, such as the ones found in paper 1, section B.

Paper Three

This is the paper on the Methodology unit.  The Questions are all on qualitative research methods.  There are three short essay questions and you must write all three of them.  There are no options.

They will provide you with one sample of a study, and you will answer three questions on it.

Make sure that you know all of the definitinons of the terms on the syllabus, if you do not know them you will earm low, or no, marks.

Good Luck,
You are well prepared; I know that you all can ace it!