A Little About Me




This is a short picture biography of my life.



I earned my Solo Wings when I was 16.  I was in the Civil Air Patrol.

Immediatly after graduating from high school I joined the Army.

Here is a picture of my skeleton during basic training.

I loved it.  For a while!


I got to do a lot of fun things in the Army.  I also learned to SCUBA dive and I traveled a lot.

Once I started at the University of Minnesota I really started to travel a lot more.
I would work full time and go to classes full time for 6 months, and then travel for
6 months.  I traveled to nearly every state in the US, mostly on my Harley.

During one of my trips I ended up in Alaska working on a fishing boat
in the Bering Sea.  It was hard work, but it paid off.  With the money I
earned I was able to travel for the rest of the year around Alaska and
the western US.


Once I had seen most of the US I started to travel into Mexico and
Central America.

My Passport Photo

Here I am in the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico.

I camped out in a little hut in the jungle along side this river for a week.
This place is awsome.  Its name is Rio de Cascades de Agua Azules, in Chiapas.
It is a river going down a mountain and is a long chain of one set of
waterfalls after another.  Here I am risking my life for a little fun.  The good old days!

Here I am hanging out in Guatamala.
I am the one on the right!

When we first got here I was doing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluations at the Office of the Department of Juvenile Justice.  I really enjoyed it, but after a while I could see it was going no where.
I was then a Therapeutic Foster Care Parent for a couple of years, but we got frusterated dealing with the bureaucracy.  I was also teaching at Indian River Community College during this time.

I also started to focus on creating fine art photography.  I have been in several art galleries and photo compititions.  I specialize in Black and White Infra Red Photograpy.  I take the pictures, develop the film, and make the prints in my darkroom.  It is very rewarding, but time consuming and I just don't have time anymore.

On June 19, 2004, something wonderful happened.


My first son Adam Brian Hanson was born.

At this time I continued to work at IRCC, but I also got a job teaching with the Martin County School District.  I worked part time at IRCC and full time for the MCSD that year, but I put in my resume at the Palm Beach County School District.  That summer I was asked to come to interview for a job teaching Psychology at Suncoast.  After a short interview I was hired.  I have happily been teaching at Suncoast ever since!

On June 7, 2007, Something wonderful happened again!


Dylan Sean Hanson was born.



 The end of a great day on the boat!


On January 21st, 2012, Something wonderful happened again!

Ryan Hanson was born!


To be continued .......